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Samara Eco Adventures

Daily Shuttle

Samara Eco Adventures

Our company offers excellent daily shuttle to the main destinations of the country. We provide comfortable new vans. let us provide you an excellent service.

Pricing is per person

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Daily Shuttle Rates and Reservations

Sámara-Liberia$578:30 AM
Liberia-Sámara$572:00 PM
Sámara-San Jose$577:30 AM
San Jose-Sámara$577:30 AM
Sámara-Fortuna$578:30 AM
Fortuna-Sámara$577:30 AM
Sámara-Monteverde$578:00 AM
Monteverde-Sámara$578:30 AM
Sámara-Montezuma$578:15 AM
Montezuma-Sámara$578:15 AM
Mal País-Sámara$578:15 AM
Sámara-Santa Tereza$578:15 AM

Private Shuttle

Samara Eco Adventures

Our transportation service offers comfortable and modern vans, with full insurance coverage and all of which have air conditioning and non-smoking policies. Travel from your house or any hotel in the area to your destination in a comfortable private van all to yourself also you have the opportunity to choose your departure time.

Pricing for 1-6 People at any time

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Private Rates and Reservations for Main Destinations

Sámara:Liberia$1352 Hours
Liberia:Sámara$1352 Hours
Sámara:San Jose$2404 Hours 30 Min
San Jose:Sámara$2404 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Fortuna$2404 Hours 30 Min
Fortuna:Sámara$2404 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Monteverde$2253 Hours
Monteverde:Sámara$2253 Hours
Sámara:Montezuma$2254 Hours 30 Min
Montezuma:Sámara$2254 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Mal País$2254 Hours 30 Min
Mal País:Sámara$2254 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Santa Tereza$2254 Hours 30 Min
Santa Tereza:Sámara$2254 Hours 30 Min