Private Transportation

Carrillo Adventures

Our transportation service offers comfortable and modern vans, with full insurance coverage and all of which have air conditioning and non-smoking policies.

Travel from your house or any hotel in the area to your destination in a comfortable private van all to yourself also you have the opportunity to choose your departure time.

Pricing for 1-6 People at any time

Additional Information

Private Rates and Reservations for Main Destinations

Sámara:Liberia$1352 Hours
Liberia:Sámara$1352 Hours
Sámara:San Jose$2404 Hours 30 Min
San Jose:Sámara$2404 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Fortuna$2404 Hours 30 Min
Fortuna:Sámara$2404 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Monteverde$2253 Hours
Monteverde:Sámara$2253 Hours
Sámara:Montezuma$2254 Hours 30 Min
Montezuma:Sámara$2254 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Mal País$2254 Hours 30 Min
Mal País:Sámara$2254 Hours 30 Min
Sámara:Santa Tereza$2254 Hours 30 Min
Santa Tereza:Sámara$2254 Hours 30 Min