About Us

Based in Samara Beach, Carrillo and the Nosara’s beaches, we are a tour operator and Transportation Company dedicated to the safe and secure transport of passengers to and from all the major destinations in Costa Rica. Our buses come in different sizes to accommodate your needs. No worries, no hassles – just fun and responsible drivers committed to helping you explore Costa Rica safely, securely and comfortably at a price that you can afford.

This is Our Mission

Our commitment is to promote scenic beauty of our area (Samara Beach, Carrillo and Nosara’s beaches) and encourage the development of tourism activities aimed at environmental conservation.

This is Our Vision

We will use our experience to create a tropical vacation in and around Samara Beach, Costa Rica - a magical experience that will last a lifetime. Understanding that all travelers have different expectations and needs concerning their travel, we offer activities individually without transportation, transportation alone, and complete packages including activities, hotel and transportation for those wishing to completely take the stress out of travel while visiting Samara Beach, Carrillo and Nosara’s beaches. We are here to help you to create your own experiences with the help of our dedicated and experienced travel consultants. Please let us help you explore your options and create a trip that you can be happy with and enjoy.

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Personas In Action Case Study: Northern Outdoors

One way to employ these people in the travel business is to identify these people among current customers. The travel lodge based in the US state of Maine, Northern Outdoors, explained how it was able to use these characters in its business and, through the right product development and targeted marketing, enjoy the forecast and business him. Adventure Enthusiast Northern Outdoors learned early on that perhaps the most elusive and hardest to replace customers are their enthusiasts. For Northern Outdoors, their enthusiasts have three types of visitors: ranchers, hunters and snowmobilers. Each of these different types of travelers travel at different times of the year, especially spring/fall and winter - which are also suitable for slower travel times. in Maine. Northern Outdoors has found that each of the three groups are loyal to their chosen sport, often traveling to multiple locations each year to participate in their chosen event. Enthusiasts invest time and money in special equipment, books and magazines to learn more about their sport. Northern Outdoors found that if they catered to the enthusiasts needs, i.e. accommodation, food and activities, they would come back as loyal customers and supporters too age. When it comes to product development, Northern Outdoors has responded to the passion of outdoor enthusiasts, delivering the best experience and knowledgeable service. To educate hiking enthusiasts, Northern Outdoors relies on word of mouth, professional staff and highly targeted social media and print publications with professional audiences. The result of this attention to certain features of the Adventure Enthusiast has been that Northern Outdoors enjoys a loyal and loyal customer base. Adventure Grazers At the other end of the spectrum are Adventure Grazers. Northern Outdoors has identified its Adventure Grazer customers.

usually book early (within two weeks of departure) and many expect offers or discounts at the last minute. Unlike moviegoers who want to enjoy the experience of their favorite sport, such as a full day of fishing, hunters expect to see many new and exciting things when they is on vacation. In terms of product development, the best thing for the Adventure Grazer, Northern Outdoors found, is a self-guided morning tour of a local waterfall, lunch at a local brewery, and afternoon fishing trip. Marketing to Adventure Grazers is successful through many online channels and mainstream publications appeal to a novice audience and can be profitable, especially when advertising attractive discounts. The result of Northern Outdoors' attention to the identity of Adventure Grazers is the knowledge that this group can be useful in filling these gaps, knowing that they will not be customers anymore, because they will choose to move on. on their next trip. Travelers and finally, Adventurers. For Northern Outdoors, this character has proven to be top of the list of their daily rafting customers. The most common ones are:

  • Monitor their journey carefully
  • Ask lots of questions during the application process
  • Indicate your interest in staying a day or two to explore, travel on your own or just relax
  • Show loyalty to Northern Outdoors and start 'off-peak' for trips or tours that can only be arranged during off-peak hours.
  • Get an overview of the experience beyond this offer

For example, requesting a specific home or day trip Northern Outdoors has created a product that appeals to adventurers and focuses on education, and especially the training of staff that helps to share with these customers the details and differences of There are three beach travel experiences. . The company has also developed a series of regional tours and driving loops to help supplement travel for travelers who want to get into the city and explore the area on their own. Northern Outdoors' marketing to hikers emphasized recreation, which is very important to hikers, and the benefits of having a location with knowledgeable and knowledgeable staff. After developing products and marketing for its Adventurer customers, Northern Outdoors has realized that many Adventurer customers will return in the next three to four years to do all three trips.

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